Dream Creation

The dawn of Magnolia Lounge sleepwear came within the Spring of 2009.

The creators of Magnolia Lounge – with many, many years of experience between them in the design & creation of designer sleepwear for women – have a passionate commitment to ensuring YOU have the most comfortable nights’ sleep you could dream of.

Fact: One third of your Life is spent sleeping.

Imagine!  A third of YOUR life is spent in your PJs!  How are yours holding up?  Would you be mistaken for Sleeping Beauty?  No?

Here at Magnolia Lounge we think it’s of the utmost importance to start your nights’ dreams in a state of mind & body that make you feel truly beautiful, just like a princess….

Our aim is to offer you a range of sleepwear for women that is fit for a Queen – your very own little piece of luxury – at a price not to be blushed at.

To date we have created, for your pleasure, three beautiful collections of ladies sleepwear embracing the latest in comfortable fabric developments and fashion trends.

Using only the very best quality fabrics for our garments, Magnolia Lounge offers a beautiful range of styles from PJ pants and pyjamas to nighties for women everywhere.

Our Fabrics are oh so soft.  We use only the softest woven cotton blends that will leave you wishing that all your clothes were made from our fabrics. Our Cotton Sateen will keep you light and breezy on those hot Summer nights, whilst our Viscose Cotton will keep you as warm as toast on those long, cold Winter nights… and our knits?  They’re out of this world; beautifully styled sleepwear separates in the dreamiest of silken fabric blends that we know you’ll want to live in.

The extremely experienced team from Magnolia Lounge fervently back our sleepwear.  We “bedtest” our entire sleepwear collection of Pyjamas, PJ Pants, Shorts, Dressing Gowns, and Nighties for women to ensure that our quality sleepwear is designed to last for many a nights’ peaceful slumber.

Magnolia Lounge designer sleepwear is a place where comfortable styling, top quality fabrics and beautifully timeless, on trend print designs, merge to give you everything you want from your sleepwear and more.

Why not join our Mailing List so you can be one of the first to see each and every Seasonal Range of our Ladies Sleepwear as we release them?

So, enough from us for now. Why not try our ladies sleepwear yourself and join the many others who are getting a great nights rest whilst wearing and enjoying our sleepwear (if you don’t believe us, why not read what our pleasurably rested Customers have to say…)

Wishing you a blissful nights’ sleep, and remember,

Sweet Dreams are made of these….

Magnolia Lounge Pyjamas.

Introducing, Mikey the Magnolia Lounge Lavender Bear.

Say hello to your new cuddle buddy, Mikey the Lavender Bear!

With a tummy filled with natural, locally grown
Australian Yuulong Lavender flowers & wheat, a snuggle with Mikey the Lavender Bear delivers
– via Aromatherapy & Thermotherapy – delightfully therapeutic benefits.

Lavender has long been known as being beneficial in the remedy of conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to depression & fatigue.
Research has shown that lavender produces calming, soothing and sedative effects when the scent is inhaled.

The use of heated wheat packs – Thermotherapy – has been long associated with comfort & relaxation. However, it goes further in providing pain relief & healing benefits for many types of muscle injuries & soreness by stimulating blood flow to the affected area and acting as a pain reliever.

A short 2 minutes in the microwave turns Mikey the Lavender Bear into a really hot little guy who will help to relieve your tension – physically and mentally – purifying your body & soul.

But don’t think Mikey  the Lavender Bear is just a little hottie; he can be as cool as the next guy!
On hot summer days, you can chill your Mikey the Lavender Bear and use him to help you keep your cool.
Just wrap him inside a plastic bag and leave him in your freezer for 2-3 hours.

For more details on correct heating & care of Mikey the Lavender Bear please refer to enclosed instructions & tags.

Happy Cuddles & Sweet Dreams!